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Roger Linn, inventor of the first drum machine and all around musical genius I suspect has been involved in shady dealings with the robodevil for 30 plus years, reveals an early prototype in the above video for a new instrument tentatively titled the ‘LinnStrument’:

If you’ve read my New Musical Instruments page, you know that I’m interested in the idea of new musical instruments that overcome the limitations of traditional mechanical instruments. My particular interest is in a new instrument that while capable of entirely new sounds and playing techniques, is also able to reproduce the sounds, virtuosic performance capabilities and subtleties that we’ve come to know and love from traditional musical instruments, but without all their problems and limitations.

And the result is a very fluid sound that is exactly like the digiflute of seduction my robo space-fairy girlfriend plays all the time in my erotic Asimovian fan fiction.

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Post image for Dark Side Of The Moon Album Cover IRL

As a tribute to Pink Floyd’s iconic Dark Side of the Moon album cover, and sadly not for a fictional TV show I just made up titled Now It’s Real, Asshole!, Sky Arts has made the acclaimed artwork a reality over Primrose Hill, London using lasers and smoke machines.

Awesome ‘making of’ video:

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I want whatever mystical Muppet Unicorn glue Dan Deacon and Showbeast were smoking when they made the above video for Dan Deacon’s Woof Woof from his album Bromst. What? Don’t look at me like that, I’ve created some of my best inventions after smoking a glue fatty, such as Biknifulars (Bih-knife-U-lars): knife glued to binoculars in case someone sneaks up on you while you’re lookin’ at stuff, and other equally profound inventions. When my left and right hemispheres are communicating properly that is, those guys have issues I’m tellin’ you whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..

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Left side of cyborg post’s body:
Ah, I just love when two things I like bump uglies and make a hybrid mutant baby for my enjoyment, which is why it brings me great pleasure to announce that Youtuber DoctorOctoroc has recently completed the third and final act of his 8 bit NESque rendition of Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog

Watch all three acts after the jump to find out whether the hammer is or is not Captain Hammer’s penis. (Spoiler: it is)

Righ side of cyborg post’s body:
On, Chip Coalition Compilation Volume 2, several artists rework TV Show themes like Flight of the Conchords, X Men and The Office into awesome 8 bit variations:

[ DL all of the above tracks for free here ]

Watch 8 bit Dr Horrible here:
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Beck, probably bored with transcending genres as he reinvents them, is busy having fun with his Record Club, one of the cooler things happening in music right now:

Record Club is an informal meeting of various musicians to record an album in a day. The album chosen to be reinterpreted is used as a framework. Nothing is rehearsed or arranged ahead of time. A track is put up here once a week. The songs are rough renditions, often first takes that document what happened over the course of a day as opposed to a polished rendering. There is no intention to ‘add to’ the original work or attempt to recreate the power of the original recording. Only to play music and document what happens.

The latest venture is the INXS album Kick with Liars, Annie Clark and Daniel Hart from St. Vincent, Sergio Dias from the legendary Brazilian band Os Mutantes, as well as RC veteran Brian Lebarton. The above song is “Need You Tonight” which is probably INXS’ signature song and totally overplayed to death but still makes me say aw fuck yeah secretly in my head every time it pops up on 80s stations.

Also worth mentioning is Beck’s Planned Obsolescence which is just a series of mixes Beck makes by stringing sections of songs together into one song, #17 Zoo Music:

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Post image for New Apples In Stereo Album ‘Travellers In Space And Time’ Is A Sci Fi Pop Masterpiece

When I watched the Exploring The Universe With Elijah Wood promo for this album a few weeks ago, I had a feeling the album was going to be good, but it is so good that in explaining the album to someone who’s never heard it, I think the most straightforward way to describe it would be this: the Apples In Stereo somehow played a chord impossible to hear by human ears ripped a hole in space time, jumped through the hole, met an alternate universe funkbot version of Electric Light Orchestra circa 5977 and had a jam session that sent a shockwave through space and time back into our universe, and the whole thing was conveniently recorded by a UFO nutter no one ever will believe:

Here are a few tracks, the full album drops 4/20:


In this promo for The Apples In Stereo’s new album Travellers In Space And Time we meet with a Saganesque Elijah Wood as well as Robert Schneider from Apples In Stereo (in this universe anyway), and peer through an inter-dimensional portal to another universe. Awkward hilarity ensues.

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This is Hot Chip’s latest video for ‘I Feel Better’ which features A) Hot Chip in a sea of screaming women. B) Doosh bag boy band getting lazer vomited in the face by effed up alien(?) version of comedian Ross Lee. C.) Pete Serafinowicz (He directed it really, he also provides the voice for Darth Maul) D.) Hot chip getting lazered to death by disembodied head.

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