Roger Linn Poofs Another New Electronic Instrument Into Existence: The LinnStrument

Roger Linn, inventor of the first drum machine and all around musical genius I suspect has been involved in shady dealings with the robodevil for 30 plus years, reveals an early prototype in the above video for a new instrument tentatively titled the ‘LinnStrument’:

If you’ve read my New Musical Instruments page, you know that I’m interested in the idea of new musical instruments that overcome the limitations of traditional mechanical instruments. My particular interest is in a new instrument that while capable of entirely new sounds and playing techniques, is also able to reproduce the sounds, virtuosic performance capabilities and subtleties that we’ve come to know and love from traditional musical instruments, but without all their problems and limitations.

And the result is a very fluid sound that is exactly like the digiflute of seduction my robo space-fairy girlfriend plays all the time in my erotic Asimovian fan fiction.

[ sonicstate ]

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