Beck & St. Vincent Cover INXS For Record Club + Beck’s Planned Obsolescence

Beck, probably bored with transcending genres as he reinvents them, is busy having fun with his Record Club, one of the cooler things happening in music right now:

Record Club is an informal meeting of various musicians to record an album in a day. The album chosen to be reinterpreted is used as a framework. Nothing is rehearsed or arranged ahead of time. A track is put up here once a week. The songs are rough renditions, often first takes that document what happened over the course of a day as opposed to a polished rendering. There is no intention to ‘add to’ the original work or attempt to recreate the power of the original recording. Only to play music and document what happens.

The latest venture is the INXS album Kick with Liars, Annie Clark and Daniel Hart from St. Vincent, Sergio Dias from the legendary Brazilian band Os Mutantes, as well as RC veteran Brian Lebarton. The above song is “Need You Tonight” which is probably INXS’ signature song and totally overplayed to death but still makes me say aw fuck yeah secretly in my head every time it pops up on 80s stations.

Also worth mentioning is Beck’s Planned Obsolescence which is just a series of mixes Beck makes by stringing sections of songs together into one song, #17 Zoo Music:

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