New Hot Chip Video “I Feel Better” Vomits Lazers!

This is Hot Chip’s latest video for ‘I Feel Better’ which features A) Hot Chip in a sea of screaming women. B) Doosh bag boy band getting lazer vomited in the face by effed up alien(?) version of comedian Ross Lee. C.) Pete Serafinowicz (He directed it really, he also provides the voice for Darth Maul) D.) Hot chip getting lazered to death by disembodied head.

[ Hot Chip ]

1 MartyCasper March 19, 2010 at 7:54 pm


Great video, or Greatest video? The only one that could even compete with this is that “Pon De Floor” video by Major Lazer. The nightmares after seeing that for the first time were horrific.


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